Here you will find all the traders supporting this event and donating prize support which YOU may be able to win at Virtual Anime & Gaming Con!

If you would like to take part as an Exhibitor for our Virtual event feel free to email


Digital artist with cute stickers and prints up for sale, specialising in Pokemon, Animal Crossing and original critter merch
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Adele's Art
Hi, my name is adele and I like to make art! I can be found on instagram @adelesart and have an etsy shop called Adele's Art Shop, where I mostly sell badges and prints. I sell both original art products and some fanart ones relating to Steven Universe, Game Grumps and The owl house at the moment. I also hand sculpt these really cool dragon eye chests with hand painted eyes, some of which glow in the dark! I hope to have lots more products coming soon, including mugs, coasters, pencil tins and more!
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I am a Digital art who creates anime, cartoon, and YouTuber art. I also make large plushies and custom worm plushies
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Imagine what it’s like inside a real pokeball, and you have my realistic Bespokemon terrariums! Each terrarium has been handcrafted by myself from a variety of materials, to create a perfect setting for any pokemon. The rocks have been made from scratch using plaster and then hand painted, and any water effects have been created with resin to get the perfect environment for any Pokemon! If you fancy a custom terrarium I’d be more than happy to create your own Bespokemon collectible!
Hi, I'm CuteGenie. I’m a London based artist, and like most working otaku’s I have been obsessed with anime and manga since childhood. Most of my inspiration comes from series such as PreCure, Sailor moon, Carpcaptor, and many other kawaii legends. I have prints sizing from A6 - A3 so please take a look, check out my Instagram, and feel free to get in touch 🙂
Let Zoe Spoil You
Hiya my name is Zoe aka Let Zoe Spoil You, I am an artist and author of queer paranormal romance, horror, monster boys and bishounens. I do fan art and concept art for my novels as well as zines and mixed media art pieces. My novel Song of the NIght is a M/M paranormal romance. I also write non-fiction exploring gender, social commentary and minorities within anime and Japanese Film. I have a Ma in Contemporary Film and an Ma in Japanese Culture and use this knowledge in my podcasts and youtube channel.
Hi I’m Limonmaid, a digital artist from Liverpool! New to cons, I’m currently selling prints in A5 and looking to add more sizes, stickers, and keychains in the near future! Currently, my interests include Genshin and JJK! See you soon
Kawaii, geeky art made from Hama Beads. With a variety of keyrings, magnets, cards, and others, I am also open for commisons!
Hey, Rinasaki here! I sell prints of fan art & original art. I also draw art commissions as well!
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Nomi Rana
My name is Nomi Rana, I've been an artist for almost 20 years, my main style consists of influences from Comics, Anime, Manga, Fantasy, and a touch of goth. I'm open to commissions and sketches in A4 or A3 sizes.
Plentiful Pictures & Photography
I’m a freelance artist and photographer based in the Northwest. My montage pencil drawings are inspired by a variety of themes (movies, tv-series, anime, gaming, and nostalgia) and I undertake private drawing commissions additionally which includes family, couples, and pets portraits. I also produce personalized drawings based on requests and interests.
Phantom Cat Creations
I make stunning pieces of artwork that are a bit different, they are hand made from resin by myself! My items range from simple earrings to wall displays My Etsy has my pre-made items! <3
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