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Tia Ballard

Tia Ballard began her career in the industry while still in college, and has worked professionally as an actor, writer, and director. She graduated with a double bachelors in Speech & Communication and Theatre Arts from Texas A&M, and is currently pursuing a teaching degree.

Along with many others, her roles include Happy the Cat in “Fairy Tail”, Zero Two in “Darling in the Franxx”, Rinko in “My Love Story”, Nanami in “Kamisama Kiss”, Rea in “Sankarea”, Beast in “Black Butler: Book of Circus”, Marron in “Dragon Ball Z”, Megumi in “Shiki”, Amira in “Rage of Bahamut”, Haruka in “Harukana Receive”, Ragdoll in “My Hero Academia”, Eris in “Cat Planet Cuties”, Rin in “Rideback”, and Shao May in “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

A few of her video game credits include Velvet in “Them’s Fightin’ Herds”, Time Patroller in “Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2”, JianYu in “Street Fighter V”, Ms Marlowe in “Street Fighter V”, and Riyu in “Akiba’s Beat”. In addition, Tia has directed “The Royal Tutor”, SEGA’s “Chain Chronicle”, and both wrote and directed the english adaptation of “Kiss Him, Not Me”.

During her free time, Tia is a Master Gardener and loves to volunteer. She also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and dog, Tom Hanx. She is an artist and writer as well! She is currently working on a children’s book, an audio drama, and many other personal projects in various stages of production

Kirby Morrow

Kirby Morrow is a Canadian actor, voice artist, writer and comedian. Morrow was born in Jasper, Alberta and studied theatre at Mount Royal University in Calgary. He currently works in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A prolific voice actor, he is known as the voice of Miroku from InuYasha, Van Fanel from the Ocean dub of Escaflowne, Cyclops from X-Men Evolution, Jay from Class of the Titans, Teru Mikami from Death Note, Trowa Barton from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Ryo Takatsuki from Project ARMS, Goku from Ocean’s dub of Dragon Ball Z (from Episode 160 onwards), and Cole from Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He was also the voice of Michelangelo from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and of Tony Stark, Wolverine and Cyclops in many of the Marvel comic film adaptations.

On camera, he is one of only 18 actors to have starred in all the Stargate series that be wonderful and is currently featured on the CW’s Supergirl.

Jessica Cavanagh

Jessica Cavanagh is a voice actor, theatre artist, and writer comprised of many geekdoms smooshed into one lady-body. As a voice actor with Funimation Entertainment, Jessica can be heard in over 100 anime titles but is best known for her roles in the fan favorites My Hero Academia (as Deku’s sweet mama, Inko Midoriya!), Fairy Tail (Aquarius), Attack on Titan (Carla Jaeger), One Piece (Dadan), Steins;Gate (Moeka), and Black Butler (Paula). Other notable roles include Rui Hachiogi in Code:Breaker, Kaguya Nayotaki in Rolling Girls, Michiko Tozaki in Concrete Revolutio, Iva in Karneval, Akane Origami in Katana Maidens, and Ikiko in Barakamon. Jessica has also adapted hundreds of episodes of anime for an English-speaking audience, including Golden Kamuy, Sakura Quest, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Smile Down the Runway, Special 7, Katana Maidens, Alderamin on the Sky, Conception, Fuuka, Gosick, Date-A-Live, and A3!, among others. Her semi-autobiographical play, Self-Injurious Behavior (based loosely on her experience as the parent of her autistic son and favorite human, Elijah) has now been performed in Dallas, NYC, and Los Angeles, much to her amazement and delight! Follow her on Twitter @jessmariecav

Brian Beacock

Brian Beacock is an actor, writer, producer and musician from the San Francisco Bay Area. After completing the National Tour of “Les Miserables,” he moved to Los Angeles where he created a diverse career including; Voice-overs for more than 30 cartoon series and video games including “Digimon,” “Naruto,” “Bleach,” “Durarara,” Monokukma in the “Danganronpa” game seres, “Doreamon,” “Blue Exorcist,” “Bungo Stray Dogs,” “Code Geass,” “Blue Dragon,” “Battle B-Daman,” “Toradora,” “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”, “Tales of Symphonia,” “Dragon Ball Super,” “Sailor Moon” and more. Television appearances: “Imagination Movers,” “Kath & Kim,” “CSI,” “Passions,” NBC’s “The Rerun Show.” Films include: “Colt Racer,” “To The Beat”, “Mulholland Drive,” “Buying The Cow,” “Globehunters,” “Circuit,” and the upcoming horror feature “Hollow Scream.”
Brian has been a featured performer at the world famous Roxy on The Sunset Strip, PS 122 in NYC, and as the featured musical guest on “The Conan O’Brien Show” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” (singing for Betty White). Theatre credits include: the West Coast Premiere of “Elegies,” “When Pigs Fly,” “Pageant,” “The Last Hairdresser,” “Naked Boys Singing,” the world premiere of Wendy MacLeod’s “Slow Food”, and the insane 35-character one-man show “Fully Committed.” He and his work have been featured in the New York Times, US Magazine, People Magazine, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Backstage West, LA Times, LA Weekly, USA Today, Daily Variety, and Entertainment Weekly.
As a writer/producer he and writing partner John Yelvington are behind the much lauded and hugely successful webseries “McCracken Live!” which won numerous awards and was one of only 22 shows in the world chosen to be in Europe’s first webseries festival in Marseille France. Brian is the creator/writer/producer of the new insane zombie comedy “Acting Dead” which received a Primetime Emmy Award. You can bite-and-binge watch all of Season 1 now on Amazon Prime. Find Brian on Instagram and Twitter @brianbeacock.


SLY and ESTAR are a versatile male female duo, with the artistic skills to light up any stage through the combination of clever wordplay, vocal melodies and energetic stage presence. They are a duo that everyone will be talking about. Through mixing trap, rnb and hip hop with lyricism and vocals, they create their own unique sound, which draws inspiration from themes such as Harry potter and retro games.




“Hi, my name’s Alex and after 5 years of cosplay, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks and cosplay hacks that I’d love to share with everyone, which I will in my panel at this year’s Virtual Anime and Gaming Convention! I can’t wait to see you all there! For more updates follow my Instagram @cosorphic”

Adam’s Anime World

A new project from the creator of The All Japan Show, Adam’s Anime World is a YouTube channel focusing on Japanese animation and gives news, first impressions, reviews and more from the scene


Lucia La Rezza

Lucia La Rezza is an italian geek violinist. In 2013, she started to merge her passions (Violin and Nerd Culture) in a solo performance: the Violin Show, a surprising and unique violin act with videogames, animes and films soundtracks. The songs she plays are arranged for violin solo, in rock, dubstep and pop style, mixed with emotional and exciting projections, entering in various worlds of the geek culture.
She performed in numerous Festivals in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and UK, such as Lucca Comics and Games (the most important Geek Event in Italy, 300,000 attendance), Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Münster Epic Con, Lausanne Japan Impact, and more.

Death Ingloria

Aug 2019 saw Death Ingloria hitting the stage at Boom Town Fair, World Con, Dublin (World Science Fiction Convention) and The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now they have set their sights on creating Death Ingloria II: Death By Admin, the next volume of the story.

DeathIngloriaexplores Humanity’s depths, its heights, and its inevitable conclusions through rock music, comic art and animation.​
DeathIngloria‘s debut album The Wolf Onboard is a complete Science Fiction story told across seven songs, a seven page comic book and seven animated videos which play out duringDeathIngloria‘s performances.  The comic is the narration of the story, the songs the voices of the characters. 

Also check out our weekly live streams and our podcast (available on Spotify and itunes)
Galina Rin


Ooberfuse are a songwriting band composed of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. They are unafraid to deep-sea dive into the deepest oceans of human emotions to colour-up drab contemporary life. Their songs are audio footprints left behind by people impelled towards invisible things.

On what sets Ooberfuse apart from their peers, an influential UK music critic says: “Ethereal electronic pop with the complex beauty that Ooberfuse has will endure.” Well-crafted songs delivered through powerful, emotional and heartfelt vocals combined with east-meets-west electronic music are Ooberfuse’s trademarks.

One of Ooberfuse’s strengths is their live performance, having played hundreds of gigs all over the world. They are equally at home performing to an audience of 2 million in Madrid, to hundreds in one of Rio de Janeiro’s notorious favelas, or in front of the House of Lords in the UK. They recently toured the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, China, India, Romania and Iraq. They have graced the stage of some of Britain’s most prestigious venues – including the O2 in Greenwich, Leicester Square Theatre, Bush Hall and Trafalgar Square.

Support for their music has come from Music Week – their recent album was cited as a key release for 2017, BBC Introducing, Rolling Stone India, Guardian Music, DJ Mag.



Hi I’m Chloe as known as Yaymoofin. I’m a Kpop/Jpop Dancer and I’ve been performing for the past 6 years! I love introducing people to new music and showing people what means a lot to me. I hope you all look forward to my future performances!


Konekois a Scotland-based idol who performs J-pop covers and her own original songs. With her upbeat personality and cheerful smile, her aim is to sing and dance her way into your heart! Grab a pink penlight and get ready to fall in love!

Tristan Burfield

Tristan Burfield is a Chiptune musician based in Norfolk, UK. Tristan’s stubbornly retro approach (which has seen him brandish Gameboy’s, Nes Consoles and Commodore 64 sound chips as sound sources) often embraces limitations as a means of creative inspiration.

Tristan has played shows throughout the UK, has played notable festivals such as Norwich Video Game Festival, Toiletronica as well and performed in a live stream capacity for chiptune promoters such as Kinky Kilobytes . His music has been played on Radio 1 and released on various independent labels such as Quagga Curious Sounds, and Monkey Love Records. He has released music on a variety of redundant retro formats such as Floppy Disk, Tape Cassette and Flexi Disc.

Recently his projects have been enhanced by the incorporation of visual elements, his music has been used as an accompaniment to a silent surrealist film (Blood of a poet), combined with small format film (Shimmies in Super-8), and has been juxtaposed against found manipulated material (Shadow Pictures, Switched On Noir: 14 Hardboiled Synthesiser Themes). The visual strand of his work has been strengthened via a series of Photographic/multi-media exhibitions shown in galleries such as Colchester Slackspace, Norwich Art Centre and Oxo Tower, London.

Tristan has experience of teaching both BTEC/A-level music technology at institutions such as Access to Music (Norwich), Suffolk One and Suffolk New College.

In 2016 Tristan curated an exhibition in collaboration with Diss Museum celebrating the life and legacy of local electronic music visionary Tristram Cary (who famously established one of Britain’s first electronic music studios in Fressingfield, UK). Tristram Cary: Music Under The Radar was a multi-media exhibition documenting Tristram Cary’s pioneering electronic music and soundtrack scores for Doctor Who, Quatermass and The Pit and Ladykillers. Featuring a prototype VCS3 synth, graphic scores, photographs and memorabilia.

Outside of formal academia he has presented workshops at WI’s in London and Norwich (Golden Triangle Girls WI and Gothic Valley WI) on ‘Female Pioneers of Electronic Music’. The aim of this workshop was to re-address the gender imbalance in the field and discuss the often-overlooked accomplishments of female composers such as Delia Derbyshire, Daphne Oram, Pauline Oliveros and Laurie Anderson. The idea was to open up electronic music and sound art to those who have been traditionally excluded.

Tristan continues to release music on his own label, his latest release Weaponised Nostalgia features music from 2002 to the present day.


I cosplay my favourite marvel super hero “Spider-Man” I also have an acrobatic and breakdance background which gives my cosplay a much more authentic feel when performing as the character.

Nothin’ Personal

It is Nothin’ Personal. Though the melodic vocals and emotional lyrics are deeply routed in Daniel Cohen’s personal experiences and observations, no names are ever mentioned. As he will tell you “It’s not the people who live in the memory for me, it’s the way those people make you feel. I process those feelings pretty slowly and I do it by writing songs. If you feel it’s about you then it probably is on some level!”

The Surrey based bands lyrics are paired with ripping guitar solos and hooks provided by Ben Butterfield, who was the final piece of the group when he joined late in 2018. Ben brings a laid back rhythm to the sounds and a laid back attitude to creative, “I just lay stuff out and the guys are welcome to pull it apart, I find if I have to work too hard at it then it’s forced and looses that sense of feeling and depth – then again, maybe I’m just basically lazy!’

Nothin’ Personal’s engine room consists of Roland Townson (who also works as the production manager for recording) boasting hard-hitting drum licks which are forcibly toned down from his preferred metal/grunge style and Martin Phelps with his blues-y, dark bass lines. This diverse four-piece group have influences from all over rock history but of particular note are elements of classic Thin Lizzy and Red Hot Chilli Peppers mixed with vocal work and guitar solos likened to contemporaries like Alter Bridge and Shinedown.

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nothin-Personal

Instagram: @_nothin_personal_


My names Harley and I just wanna have fun cosplaying❤
My insta and tiktok are both cosplay_harleyz so if you wanna join my cosplay journey give me a follow 😊❤

Icy Seas Anime

A lover of anime and metal music, so i decided to combine the 2 and start a youtube channel of all my home covers. I am looking forward to performing for all of you!

Extreme Improv Comedy Show

The Extreme Improv Comedy Show, featuring host comedian David Pustansky and the Extreme Improv Team who are going to make up hilarious scenes, songs and stories all with a anime and gaming theme based entirely on audience suggestions.


Hey! I’m Shauna, I’m 19 aka gears_of_symphony. I’m a cosplayer and artist. My interests are cosplaying , drawing and playing games , I’m hoping to make new friends.