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When and Where? – Taking place online livestream. Watch HERE.

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An Online Convention bringing the community together during these hard times, helping you to enjoy a convention experience from the comfort of your own home. We will also be raising money for “Stand Up To Cancer”. Please consider donating throughout the stream

As part of this, there will be a VIP upgrade that will allow VIP holding members to enter two massive big geek raffles to win top prizes. We’re pleased to say that ALL people who are currently holding a ticket to an AGC event for 2021 will get this upgrade for November’s Virtual Anime & Gaming Con as a thank you for being so patient over these postponements during these difficult times!

What Is Going On?

Ranging from guests, traders and plenty of events to get involved with! We have over a dozen guests to announce.


We would like to give a special thanks to our Sponsors for this event!


Streaming Service

Crunchyroll is an on-demand streaming service primarily focused on Japanese animation. It is available worldwide and has the largest streaming catalog of licensed anime. What sets Crunchyroll apart from the competition, however, is that you can enjoy most of its content for free.

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Virtual Anime & Gaming Con - Watch Here





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